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The Land Beneath Our Feet is a one-hour documentary, available through Passion River Films that weaves together archival footage from a 1926 Harvard expedition to Liberia, undertaken on behalf of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, with the story of a young Liberian man seeking to understand how the past has shaped land rights issues in Liberia today. The rare footage, never before seen in Liberia, is embraced as a national treasure. Depicting a 1926 corporate land grab, the footage is also an explosive reminder of eroding land rights in Liberia.

In the Shadow of Ebola is a short film available through Films Media Group and online through PBS Independent Lens is an intimate story of a family and a nation torn apart by the Ebola outbreak. We follow a Liberian student and his family living divided between the United States and Liberia, who open our eyes to the ripple effects the outbreak has had on Liberians living through this crisis. Caught in an invisible war that is painfully reminiscent of the chaos and confusion they lived through during a fourteen-year civil war, a family and a people find the compassion and inner resolve to combat the virus’s spread.

Matt’s Turkeys
Thanks to the efforts of farmers like Matthew Smith of Blue Valley Gardens, heritage turkeys have come back to their native Wisconsin home. With a little love and respect, Matt Smith gives them the best 35 weeks of their life.

Mitman in Film Class