• Hist Sci/IES 353 History of Ecology
  • Env St 402/Hist Sci 350 Green Screen: Environmental Film in History and Action
  • Env St 402: Non-Fiction Storytelling in Pictures, Moving and Still
  • Hist Sci/Med Hist/Env St 513 Environment and Health in Global Perspective
  • Hist Sci/Med Hist/Env St 919 Ecology and Disease in Historical and Contemporary Perspective
  • current PhD students

    Melissa Charenko
    UW Madison, Department of History of Science

    Fields of Interest: environmental history, history of biology, ecocriticism

    Dissertation Project: “‘Science of Prophecy?’: The Role of Paleo-Disciplines in the Face of Anthropogenic Change, 1900-2015.” Expected completion date, May 2018.

    completed PhDs

    Peter Boger, “The Nature of Celebrity and the Celebrity of Nature: Digital Adaptation and Wildlife Survival in the Anthropocene.” Director, 2015.

    Anna Zeide, “In Cans We Trust: Food, Consumers, and Scientific Expertise in Twentieth-Century America.” Director, 2014. Public Humanities Fellow, Center for the Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison. [website]

    Andrew Stuhl, “Empires on Ice: Science, Nature, and the Making of the Modern Arctic.” Director, 2013. Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, Bucknell University. [website]

    Megan Raby, “Making Biology Tropical: American Science in the Caribbean, 1898-1963.” Director, 2012. Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Texas-Austin.[website]

    Amrys Williams, “Cultivating Modern America: 4-H Clubs and Rural Development in the Twentieth Century.” Director, 2012. Associate Director, Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society, Hagley Museum and Library. [website]

    Michitake Aso, “Forests without Birds: Ecology and Health on the Rubber Plantations of French Colonial Vietnam, 1890-1954.” Co-director, 2011. Assistant Professor. Department of History, SUNY-Albany. [website]

    Camilo Quintero, “Scientists, Collectors, Illustrators, and Field Assistants in U.S. Ornithological Explorations of Colombia.” Director, 2007. Associate Professor, Departamento de Historia, Universidad de los Andes. [website]

    Paul Erickson, “The Politics of Game Theory: Mathematics and Cold War Behavior, 1944-1984.” Director, 2006. Associate Professor, Department of History, Wesleyan University.[website]

    Erika Milam, “Looking for a Few Good Males: Female Choice in Evolutionary Biology, 1900-1974.” Co-director, 2006. Associate Professor, Department of History, Princeton University. [website]

    Gary Kroll, “Exploration in the Mare Incognita: Natural History and Conservation in Early Twentieth Century America.” Director, 2000. Associate Professor, Department of History, SUNY-Plattsburgh. [website]

    Film Class